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"Neutral and Noteworthy"

Posted: June 8th, 2012 @ 5:29pm

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Atlanta Symphony Showhouse - Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Symphony Showhouse - Atlanta, Georgia
Cheryl Womack & Alison Womack-Jowers
Atlanta Symphony Showouse | Atlanta, Georiga
If Cheryl Womack and her daughter, Alison Womack Jowers, slotted the master suite they designed into a color wheel, it would hover delicately on pale neutrals, never sliding into the spectrum's deep, vivid tones.
Although dressed mainly in ethereal hues, the room has flashes of citron to spark the refined spirit. "There has to be some color in a room," says Womack. "It's all about the balance and distribution." 
The grand architecture of the suite includes large windows on two walls, allowing streams of sunlight. Linen drapery panels patterned with gray embroidery hang from rods high above the tops of the windows, exaggerating their height.
An array of crisp white and yellow bed linens make little noise, leaving an upholstered bench in citron colored velvet at the end of the bed as a call for attention. Tucked in one corner are an antique chest and a mirror made to look old. Next to an armchair, a ceramic garden seat is unexpected, adding glossy texture and complimenting the neutral scheme.
A graceful seating area is arranged in front of a window framed by linen panels with beaded trim. A chenille-covered chaise lounge topped with a Green key-patterned pillow is served by two-tables: an airy acrylic tiered piece and a weightier mahogany side table illuminated by a Murano lamp from the 1950s in the room's signature yellow accent hue.
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Photography by Emily Followill, Produced by Lisa Mowry
Traditional Homes - Published June 2012

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