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Atlanta Homes  March 1st, 2014
Dazzled by the effortless style on view at 2013 Home for the Holidays Showhouse? We dive into the noteworthy trends.   MORE THAN A FEW CLEVER TRENDS revealed themselves at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles' Home fo the Holidays showhouse after weeks of tours and visitors.   Atlanta designers are known for taking risks, and showhouse veterans... [Read More]
Traditional Home  June 8th, 2012
Cheryl Womack & Alison Womack-Jowers Atlanta Symphony Showouse | Atlanta, Georiga   If Cheryl Womack and her daughter, Alison Womack Jowers, slotted the master suite they designed into a color wheel, it would hover delicately on pale neutrals, never sliding into the spectrum's deep, vivid tones.   Although dressed mainly in ethereal hues, the room has flashes of citron to... [Read More]
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles  January 6th, 2011
New Traditions   Looking forward—with a nod to the past—Alison Womack Jowers redefines classic style for today. When designer Alison Womack Jowers took on this Buckhead residence, it was already close to her heart. She was, after all, dating the homeowner, Jay Jowers.   “When we started, I didn’t know if I’d eventually be living here, too, or... [Read More]
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles  April 27th, 2010
Pursuing careers that run the gamut from shop owners to interior designers, these eight pairs of mothers and daughters -- having chosen to work together -- give a new spin to the aid-old adage "like mother, like daughter."... [Read More]
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
"It’s a novel idea that people might actually use a living room. You could come here after dinner to sit with friends. We’ve always wanted to do a soft, neutral room, where texture-upon-texture gives you more interest than color. And where elements relate, like the curve of the sofa reflects the curves of the bench. It’s nice to have that little pull-up... [Read More]
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
The design expertise of Cheryl and Alison Womack doesn't stop at interiors. When client Suzanne Plybon asked them to create an elegant tabletop for a special outdoor occasion, the team sprung into action. French chairs were whisked outdoors to the Buckhead garden, surrounding a brilliant tabletop guaranteed to command each guest's attention. "Orange is Alison's favorite color," says Cheryl. "I... [Read More]
Dream Bedrooms (Better Homes and Gardens)
Traditional design with a youthful spin makes this suite ideal for a sophisticated teen. With college just around the corner, the space can easily transition into a guest room when the time comes. Warm tones, soft textures and quiet refinement keep the versatile suite comfortable and casual.... [Read More]
Traditional Home (Better Homes and Gardens Decorating)
The most exquisite architectural detailing in the house is found in the first-floor study, right, where gleaming walnut paneling and rich cherry flooring provide a perfect foil for the antique furnishings and accessories. The old English paintings in this room are among Cheryl's favorites.... [Read More]

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